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I wanted to address this whole Kimberly/Skull/Spike being a family thing: it stems from statements made by Amit Bhaumik, the writer of Forever Red, concerning something he wanted to do but wasn't able to do, which was to include an appearance/cameo by Kimberly in that episode as Skull's wife; with Spike having been confirmed to be Skull's son, people have decided to take Amit's original intent re: Skull and Kimberly and retroactively applied it to make Kimberly Spike's mother.

It's a nice little 'fanwanky' anecdote, but only if you can find a way to make it work given what we know about Spike (he's about 15, according to Felix Ryan), Skull, and Kimberly and the PR timeline as far as MMPR S3, Lost Galaxy, and Wild Force are concerned with regards to the most logical time period for PRS to be set in (which, as per established PR precedent, is the present day).
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