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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I think a REAL vision of her children would've been a comforting one. Not this. At least, AU Dukat would say that because he thinks that in some ways, his own children waiting for him in the next world are wiser (in the emotional sense) and purer than he is. And one part of being purer in their motivations is that they would not destroy a person. Especially not their own father. He'd say the same about her children, that they would want to help her in her suffering, not hurt her.

(I still think he'd come back to the idea of evil spirits, perhaps trying to drive Jarol into destructiveness instead of healing self-reflection. Her conscience, yes, and also her physical injuries--but also evil spirits trying to interfere with catharsis.)

I hope Jarol will tell Laran about the nightmares. That might help. She needs to deal with what she's done, but she needs to face the real problems without believing that her children want to see her suffer.
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