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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Just saw "White Heat". Hell of a gangster movie. Brilliantly written, performed, and acted. Loved James Cagney's ruthless mama's boy character and the rivetingly suspenseful 'cop undercover in a gang' plot line.

It reminded me of "Heat", "The Departed", "The Untouchables" and my favourite movie "Scarface" '83 all at the same time, and I'd venture to say it's as good as any of them and maybe even better than some of them. Just a magnificent piece of entertainment. Better paced and written than most movies I see these days.

Regarding the Godfather movies discussion, I like the first one most because I thought Brando was just captivating in his role, and while the second one is great too, it's just not the same without him. From the very first scene with him stroking his cat, I thought he was just so magnetic...just an endlessly fascinating performance with its understated body language and such naturalness to the delivery of eloquent words and subtle playing of deep emotions and convictions.

The third one gets a bad rap because it's such a huge drop in quality from the first two, but it's not a total disaster. It has a few plots and some are good, while others aren't. I like Michael's arc, but the plot with Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola's characters is a pathetic fiasco, despite Garcia's fine acting and I found the climax and ending pretty limp. It's the kind of movie that leaves you thinking "that's it? that's all?" at the end, which is very disappointing after how resonant the endings of the first two movies were.
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