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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I so wish AU Dukat could come and make these visions go away. They've gotten progressively worse.

I at least know what he would suspect that her children think: that sometimes they're sad for her, but that's because they love her, not because they hate her. He can't relate fully because I don't think he's had the same sort of problems with his conscience that she has (he's more of a traditional "white knight")--but I know there were times when he really gave himself some guilt trips about the way he conducted himself in the mission that got him captured. (The AU Bajorans attacked and killed his wife and children not long after he was captured.) But he's different in the way he looks at those in the next life. He tends to think that even his little children are still children in their hearts...but wiser than he is, and of course much closer to Oralius than he is.

I think he'd tell her his children aren't angry at her. She is angry at herself.

Of course, in his belief, he might feel that an evil spirit is "assisting" her subconscious by choosing the most hurtful thing possible to try to tear her down and destroy her. And he'd say that Oralius may sometimes rebuke but does not try to destroy a person that way. Jarol would probably laugh at him, because it would sound primitive to her, not knowing his world (where they believe in psychotherapy, medicine, and prayer as all being valid parts of treatment for various conditions...they understand the body and believe in treating it scientifically but also believe in evil spirits).
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