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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

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I've read Halo: The Flood, so let me break down how this book is gonna play out.

It will read like this:

"Main Character goes here. He shoots people, then his boss tells him to go somewhere else. He goes somewhere else and His Boss says "meet These Dudes who will be absolutley unimportant from here on in". Then Main Character goes somewhere else and shoots guys.

So, These Dudes get ambushed by The Reapers, who do stuff they would never do in the games. "We are The Reapers," they say, "our motivations are now simplistic humanoid avarice, despite what has been established to the contrary", so then These Dudes get killed by The Reapers and His Boss is all like " o noes".

Main Character kicks butt and gets away."

I just saved everyone from a couple of days worth of reading.
I read his Starcraft tie-in, and... yeah that actually sounds about right.
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