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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 2 - Part 2

512 Grandstaff Drive 7:20
Sandi awoke. ‘Hard to believe that I released a mischievous genie yesterday,’ she thought. She got out of bed, and walked to her door. She opened it and looked down the hall towards the guest bedroom, where Jean was supposedly sleeping. ‘Maybe I should have had asked her whether she has to sleep or not,’ she thought. She gathered her clothes and towel out of the closet and went to the bathroom.

Stacy was racing along in a tremendous hurry, indeed as she turned a corner she crashed into Daria. They both fell, with Stacy ending up on top of Daria.
“Stacy, Watch where you are going!”

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Stacy said, in apology, starting to hyperventilate as she got up. Daria also got to her feet.

“No big problem, just watch out. A car might be backing out. I also must say that Quinn and Tiffany are waiting. They may have already started without you.”

“Oh no! I hope that they will fill me in on what they have discussed. Sometimes when I am late to a Fashion Club meeting, Sandi won’t tell me what I have missed.”

“I am sure that they will. Tiffany only got there 5 -10 minutes ago, at just about the same time that I left.”

Stacy thought for a moment. “Good! Bye,” Stacy said. She then ran off towards the Morgendorffers house.

Daria looked back at the hurrying Stacy. “I hope she doesn’t crash into anyone else.” She then continued towards Casa Lane (as Jane called her house).

Back at the Griffin’s, Sam Griffin (the middle child) saw Sandi go into the bathroom. ‘Time for some investigating,’ he thought. He then tip-toed to Chris’s door and looked inside. He saw that his brother was still asleep. ‘Good, I can investigate without his annoying interference.’

He then went into Sandi’s room...

He soon found what he was looking for, the emerald! ‘What is so special about this stone, that Sandi is suddenly carrying it wherever she goes?’ he thought. He gave it a rub, and then another. When Jean appeared out of thin air, sitting on Sandi’s bed, he was frightened out of his wits!

“Eep!” He let out as he promptly fell to the floor.

Stacy narrowly avoided being hit by a car that was backing out as she ran along the Glen Oaks Lane sidewalk. “Watch where you are going!” the driver said.

“Sorry!” Stacy shouted back. She could now see the Morgendorffer residence up ahead.

When Sam came to, he could see Jean sitting at Sandi’s computer. “You know, Sam, this ‘internet’ is very interesting. It is a veritable treasure trove of information from all around the world, where people can communicate without knowing each other’s real names. Oh, I also gave your family a free ‘broadband’ connection rather than that rather slow ‘dial up’” she said.

“So you are a genie?”


“Sandi found this and you are now granting her wishes?”

“She found it on Wednesday. I started granting her wishes yesterday, after she was scared in a similar manner to you.”

“Really?” Sam asked. He thought about it. ‘I remember Jean arriving on Wednesday, but I didn’t actually see her until yesterday. I guess that the ‘exchange student’ cover was a wish by Sandi.’

“Yes. There was some chaos occurring at the High School as a result, but nothing too serious,” Jean said.

“What sort of chaos?’ Sam asked, now curious.

“Oh, pool water in classrooms, people floating in the air, time anomalies...” Jean said.

Sam was surprised. “Oh, I guess Sandi would do those things, if she had reason,” he said.

“No, that was me being mischievous. I made Sandi float in the air and later filled her English classroom with water. Sandi wished for Voice Recognition software, and for better bowling skills,” Jean said.

“I can believe that,” Sam said, remembering most of the Griffin family bowling games where Sandi would get a low score compared to the rest of the family.

“So, do you wish for anything? You do have the emerald, anyone holding it has unlimited wishes.”

Sam thought for a moment, he was sure of one thing. He didn’t want Chris to share in whatever he wished up. “Ok, I wish for a scale model of this house made of LEGO.”

“Granted,” Jean said, with the usual gesture and sound. A large LEGO model of the Griffin residence appeared in the middle of the room.

“Cool!” Sam said as he looked at the LEGO model, looked very much like the house, the bricks having the same colours as the bricks and tiles of the house. He looked into the window that corresponded to Sandi’s room. He could see a couple of LEGO people, dressed like him and Jean and a model of the model.

“Samuel Josiah Griffin!” Sandi had returned to the room. “What are you, like, doing in my room?” she asked, with her voice raised, though not quite shouting.


“Jean! Did you tell him?” the look on Sandi’s face implied that she knew what the answer was going to be, but wanted it anyway.


“Sam! Give me the Emerald!” Sandi said, she jumped over the LEGO model, and began wrestling with Sam for the emerald...

‘This will be interesting,’ Jean thought.

Stacy ran up to the Morgendorffers’ front door and pounded on it. Quinn quickly opened the door. “Relax. Stacy; Tiff and I haven’t discussed anything yet,” she said.

“What is all that racket?” Jake asked as he came down the stairs.

‘Oh my gosh! Did I wake him?’ Stacy thought to herself. “Oh no! Did I wake you, Mr Morgendorffer?”

Jake could see Stacy’s distress. “Don’t worry. I was up. I have a meeting with a client at nine,” he said.

“That’s ok.” Stacy said as she entered the house. “What have you been talking about?” she continued.

“Oh, we have been comparing Mario and Sonic, about how they are so heroic in defending the innocent from Bowser and Dr Robotnik,” Quinn said, as she lead the way into the living room.

‘Sounds cool, but don’t the fans of those two series don’t like each other?’ Stacy thought. ‘Cool! I hope you haven’t been fighting...” she said.

“Why would we be fighting?” Quinn asked.

“I heard that Nintendo fans and Sega fans don’t exactly get along,” Stacy said.

That was news to Quinn. “Ok,” she said as she entered the kitchen.

“First order of business, I need to tell you of a horrifying possibility. Two actually,” Quinn said.

“What are these horrifying possibilities?” Stacy asked.


“Either Sandi’s Mom or Ms. Li could get their hands on the emerald!” Quinn said.

“Oh no!” Stacy said, as she hyperventilated yet again. She fainted onto the kitchen table.

“I knew this would happen,” Quinn said, as she got up.

“Why bring it up?” Tiffany asked.

“Because we need to consider the possibility!” Quinn said, as she tried to revive Stacy.

Sandi managed to grab the emerald off Sam. “Ha! You little brat!” she said as she climbed onto the bed. Her hair was a mess, but she could see that Sam’s pyjama top was torn.

“I won’t tell anyone. Mom and Dad wouldn’t believe it anyway and why would I tell Chris? He sucks!”

Sandi thought about the last sentiment. Why couldn’t her brothers get along? Life would have been a lot easier if their sibling rivalry wasn’t so intense. “That’s good. Now, like, get out of here!”

“What about the LEGO model?” Sam asked. The LEGO in question disappeared. “What!” he continued.

“It is now in your room,” Jean said.

“Good!” Sam said “I’ll see you at breakfast,” he said to his sister, as he went out of her room. Sandi closed the door.

“It is only a matter of time until the rest of your family finds out, Sandi. I suspect that it would be Chris next. I am sure that he would be more of a blabber than Sam,” Jean said.

Sandi leaned against the door. “I shudder to think of what might happen if Mom found out!” she lamented.

Jean shuddered on the bed. “She would certainly change Lawndale for the worse!” she said.

‘Good that she agrees with me on that!’ Sandi thought. She considered her next action. She needed some way of keeping track of the wishes that were made. She then thought of such a way. She was still holding the emerald. “I wish that all of the wishes that have been, like, granted by you and this emerald since yesterday until further notice would be recorded somehow,” She said.

“That’s easy,” Jean said, and granted the wish. A book appeared on Sandi’s bed. Sandi went over and picked it up.

“Book of Granted Wishes,” she read from the cover. She opened the book and saw a list of granted wishes starting from the second page.

List of Wishes granted on September 18, 1999

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Jean Jenner to be remembered by Tom, Linda, Sam and Chris Griffin as an exchange student.

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Jean Jenner to be in all relevant enrolment records at Lawndale High.

Sandi Griffin wishes for: All the computers at Lawndale High to have voice recognition software and the components necessary for that software to work

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Jean Jenner to know what to say to Principal Angela Li

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself to be let down by Jean!

Sandi Griffin wishes for: An extra floor on Lawndale High’s Science Block

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself to be elsewhere in Lawndale High

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself to be in her next class

Sandi Griffin wishes for: The water in the classroom and the corridor outside to go back into the pool

Sandi Griffin wishes for: The people in and just outside of the Language Arts classroom would be dry, that their clothes, hair, books and stationary would be as if they had not been underwater.

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Time to slow down for a while

Sandi Griffin wishes for: Help with Ten Pin Bowling

List of Wishes granted (so far) on September 19, 1999

Sam Griffin wishes for: A LEGO model of the Griffin Residence

Sandi Griffin wishes for: A way of recording wishes made since September 18, 1999

“Cool,” Sandi said. She put the book and the emerald next to the computer. Now I have to get ready again!” she said as she went out of the room. Jean sighed.

Quinn handed Stacy a piece of toast with strawberry jam on it. “You know that this has carbs, right?” she said.

“It is healthy, unlike cheese. Anyway, as I was saying earlier, we need to consider the possibility of Ms Li or Mrs Griffin gaining control of the emerald, and what we need to do then,” Quinn said.

“But, Qui-inn, we haven’t figured out what to do about Sand-di having the gen-nie yet!” Tiffany said.

“She has a point, Quinn,” Stacy said.

“That is true,” Quinn said. She then asked Stacy to recount their discussion from the previous afternoon.

“Of course,” Stacy said, taking out a notebook.

‘Good thing she has eidetic memory,’ Quinn thought as Stacy began.

Daria arrived at Jane’s house and knocked on the door. There was no answer. ‘Maybe she is still asleep,’ she thought. She knew that Jane wasn’t a morning person, often requiring coffee to properly function. She found that the front door was unlocked. ‘figures, Trent forgot to lock the door,’ she thought.

Jane was on level 156 of Pac-Man when Daria entered her room. “Did you and Trent play games all night?” Daria asked.

A ghost got Jane’s Pac-Man, bringing an end to the game. “Yo Amiga!” Jane said, getting up stiffly and ensuring that she didn’t disturb the sleeping form of Trent ‘not that it would wake him anyway,’ she mused.
“Not all night, just the last hour and a half. I couldn’t sleep and he had come back from practice with Mystik Spiral. He fell asleep, of course.”

“Of course,” Daria said. To say that Trent Lane fell asleep was practically a tautology.

“So, what is this about a Genie and what has it got to do with what happened at school yesterday?” Jane asked.

“Mom asked us about what happened at school and Quinn says that she wouldn’t believe it,” Daria said.


“Mom then asked Quinn why wouldn’t she believe it, and Quinn said that the events were totally fantastical, which they were,” Daria began. She then repeated everything else that Quinn said (with more sardonic commentary).

Jane then told Daria about Tom and herself running into Sandi and Jean at the bowling alley and her 11th birthday present from Trent.
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