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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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It's the only way what would work in the modern Treklitverse. Besides which, people like a redemption story.
"Redemption story" is right--which is why a "clean slate" concept wouldn't be satisfying in that regard. Show them as the "good" guys for once--show us their saving the Federation, being the only ones who could deal with a To Be Determined major threat.
That's about as likely as a story featuring the Tal Shiar as the good guys saving the Federation. That has many of the same critical implausibilities are your suggestion. The Tal Shiar has as its stated agenda the protection of the Romulan Empire. Section 31 has as its stated agenda the protection of the Federation.

Tal Shiar saving the Federation is more akin to Section 31 saving...the Romulan Empire.

A Shattered Mirrors story set in the universe where the Founders recognized the Federation attempt at genocide and ended the Dominion War with a wave of planetbuster attacks would be interesting, mind ...
Ah-hem. Kinda begs the question of why they didn't do that anyway, if they were capable of it. Strategic "planetbuster" attacks a la Hiroshima/Nagasaki or General Sherman would be an excellent method for victory--again, IF they were capable of it.

They weren't, of course. Resources are resources.
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