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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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Not necessarily. That's certainly a way, but not the only way.
It's the only way what would work in the modern Treklitverse. Besides which, people like a redemption story.
"Redemption story" is right--which is why a "clean slate" concept wouldn't be satisfying in that regard. Show them as the "good" guys for once--show us their saving the Federation, being the only ones who could deal with a To Be Determined major threat.
That's about as likely as a story featuring the Tal Shiar as the good guys saving the Federation. That has many of the same critical implausibilities are your suggestion.

A Shattered Mirrors story set in the universe where the Founders recognized the Federation attempt at genocide and ended the Dominion War with a wave of planetbuster attacks would be interesting, mind ...
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