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Re: What do people feel about Gene?

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I havent seen much TOS, mostly because I like to buy DVD's rather than watch advert filled TV, and the DVDs are so expensive for TOS.
Expensive? I got the entire series for under $120. Of course I shopped around and tried to find the cheapest deal for each boxset. That's like dirt cheap.

How do fans generally feel about Gene? Given the questionable decisions he made near the end, I can see why people would not particularly like him, but then he did start the whole thing.
I don't worship him and I find him hypocritical, maybe a creep, in a lot of the things he did business wise. I can't say what I feel about him personally because I don't know him on a personal level. Apparently a lot of people adored him, but from a business perspective ... I find him to be a total creep.

A lot? A few? Selected few? Worship him as if he's god though. Meh, whatever, all he did was create a TV show and left it when things weren't going his way.
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