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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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I'm surprised you give it an a "A+" despite saying that. I thought "A+" means a movie is pretty much perfect. I liked this movie, but there were parts where it really dragged and to use the same word you did, Hepburn was VERY grating at times, to the point where it made me cringe.
For me, A+ movies can still have flaws (I don't think there's a single movie out there without a few), so long as the strengths are strong enough.

One thing I have noticed in my old movie viewings lately is how long all these old BP winners are; three hours is routine, and a lot of these (like MFL and The Sound of Music) are "family" films.
CC, what did you think of the ending of "Chloe"? I thought it was pretty hilarious how it was going for tragic and was so over-the-top I couldn't take it seriously. In fact, I think the whole thing is a case of a movie taking itself too seriously when it lacks the subtlety to really deserve that, but yeah, fine performances.
This was directed at the other CC, I imagine, but I saw this movie last year, so I'll say it was a pretty odd conclusion. It's not Egoyan's best film by any means.

On the subject, if you haven't seen The Sweet Hereafter, see it right now. Amazing movie.
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