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Re: Minecraft

^^ Owwww, damn guys.

I live in a wooden treehouse in the middle of a rainforest. I don't even let anything that makes fire into the house! If I need to dispose of anything, I just chuck it over a cliff.

Any netherrack, flint and steel, and lava I have stays in a chest out in the desert next to my portal.

In other news, boy I wish I was doing a video capture. I was walking along the platform next to my airship just after sunset when a fucking Creeper comes barreling down from the top of the partially finished balloon at full speed, hits the bridge next to me with a loud SSSSS!, bounces over the railing and falls about 500 feet to his death. Scared the hell out of me, but talk about an Epic Fail...

Next morning I stuck some torches up there.
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