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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

The Complete Metropolis (2010)

This is the latest restoration of Fritz Lang's 1927 film and the third version of it I've seen. The last was the 2001 restoration that was still missing about 30 minutes of the original film. This version restored an additional 25 minutes found in a museum in Argentina.

I enjoy the film though I think the message it presents is simplistic at best. The new footage adds a lot of material and fleshes out the narrative. My brother and his girlfriend did spend much of the film laughing at the amount of overacting taking place.

Rob Roy (1995)

While the film was far from historically accurate, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The plot was simple but well written, the acting was excellent and the film made Scotland look fantastic. It is too bad they didn't expand upon the Jacobite uprisings but that side plot wouldn't have contributed much to the plot the film had in mind.

Commando (1985)

This is probably my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger film and one of the best action films of all time. The film has no ambitions beyond its simple premise, does not take itself seriously and it delivers on everything it promises.

My favorite scene:
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