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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

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Kestrel wrote:
The only way to make 31 work would be to pull a Torchwood on it - burn the whole thing down, clean it out, and start over again.
Not necessarily. That's certainly a way, but not the only way.
It's the only way what would work in the modern Treklitverse. Besides which, people like a redemption story.
"Redemption story" is right--which is why a "clean slate" concept wouldn't be satisfying in that regard. Show them as the "good" guys for once--show us their saving the Federation, being the only ones who could deal with a To Be Determined major threat.

I was actually referring to the events on Trill and the devastation that millenia of secret-keeping wrought on her home society. This is a woman who helped expose one of the deepest, darkest secrets of her own people; the idea that she'd support a cancer at the heart of the Federation flies in the face of that. The Breen mission, while covert and secret, was done under the auspices and regulation of Starfleet and the President and was limited to a specific action.
I see. However, the reasons for that secret and the reasons for this secret are somewhat different.

However--as I have said, Ezri doesn't necessarily have to be supporting 31. Perhaps this would lead to great conflict between her and Julian--again, especially with Sarina in the equation. As far as she'd be concerned, 31 basically took away her chance to make things right with Julian.

Eh, Bashir's corruption seems fairly natural. Maybe cause he kept his own secret so well, maybe because he hung around Garak so much. And of course throwing the opportunity for romance and adventure at him is just perfect.
Well, Ezri has 8 lifetimes of memories--and therefore secrets. Recall the ending of the episode "Dax"....
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