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I think Notch has said that rain will make fires go out, which means I'll have to put some sort of roof over my chimney. He said that it wont turn lava into cobblestone or obsidian as that would ruin any surface lava.

Was anyone else worried that when he broke the snow in that video, it didn't drop a snowball? I fear now that he has fixed returning snow, snow itself wont work. Hopefully not.

It's odd, I've been waiting for snow to fall for 6 months, but now that it's about to happen I'm upset that pistons aren't being included in the same update. Those things look awesome, I already have a plan for a piston-powered elevator.

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^^ Wolves are pretty rare unfortunately. I've played a lot this past week and only seen three total. But then I also don't tend to wander far from my mountain.
Wow. Just yesterday I saw 4 wolves spawn right outside my castle. I must be really lucky because wolves are spawning out there every day.
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