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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

Ok...just got done watching it...

Cash is a bit over the top...but I'll allow it. Serious...there are somethings here people on this site might appreciate.

Bret Harrison does a pretty good job...I really liked him on 'Reaper' so hopefully that will carry over here.

Christian Slater is problems there.

I didn't like that Josh guy too much but whatevs.

Melanie was kinda meh...need to see more eps to decide whether or not I care about this character.

Over all a funny ep and wished it was an hour and not 30 minutes...actually online it worked out to be just under 22 minutes.

As for Rosey...don't know where they will go with his character but with Cameron eying his could get interesting with Dutch.

[edit] I think this is well worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.
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