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Holy crap.....Look at Ashley! I had my doubts about sticking with her and putting Miranda in the "friend zone". But after seeing that pic I regret my choice much much less.
Actually...I'm not so sold on Ash's new look. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting rid of her lazy eye glitch and getting her to wear some new armour but I have to say, that hair style doesn't quite suit her personality. I mean, she's still a marine, no? Of course I don't play games for the T&A appeal, so I would've been utterly fine to see her with a crew-cut. Mind you, she does normally wear her hair tide up so perhaps that's just for one "special" scene in the game...or just an early test. I noticed in DA2 that they were trying to make hair behave a little more realistically. Finally (and I realise this is a really minor nit to pick) but isn't that the wrong colour hair?

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I'm gonna be honest, I would be more than okay with not having Tali as a squadmate. I never was much of a fan. But, like Garrus, she's a very popular character and it's highly unlikely that's going to happen.
Now see, I wouldn't mind there being no Garrus as a squadmate, though likewise I can appreciate that it would be unlikely. Honestly it wasn't until ME2 that the character even got interesting for me but even then I felt like his story had been told and if I had been reading a novel or watching a movie instead of playing a game then I would fully expect the author/director to give him a good hero's death in the suicide mission.

Out of interest, what squad line-up did you favour in your first ME1 playthrough? I suspect a lot of people's preferences are dictated, or at least influenced my their gameplay choices the first time around. Personally I played as a soldier so once I recruited them, Tali and Liara felt like the optimal companions. After a while I just got so used to having them around, they became favourites. Prior to that I favoured Ash and *anyone* other than Kaiden. The guy irritated me.

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