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Re: SCRE4M (Film 2011) Discussion/Grade *Spoilers!*

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^ Yep. Dewy should be dead in my opinion lol.
Well when I said he "technically" died twice, I meant it. In the first one when he stumbles out of the Loomis house with the knife in his back that is supposed to be his death scene. Cause Wes liked him so much his fate was upgraded alive.

Same thing happened in the sequel, when he was stabbed multiple times in the back in the sound room. He was meant to be killed there. In fact when that scene occured (so soon after Randy bought it) I remember thinking "damn, anything can happen, what if Gale is next!?" That was kind of nulled when Dewy showed up alive (again) at the end of the film. This time though, I believe it was a test audience who changed Wes' mind.
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