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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

No, I don't see any direct connection with the "conservation of reality" stuff, beyond the fact that both stories involve the general concepts of time travel and alternate timelines -- something which ST 2009 hardly has any exclusive claim on. As I read it, the "conservation" stuff was included to lay the groundwork for DaiMon Bok's plan later in the book, not to "explain" ST'09.

After all, the "conservation of reality" idea (which, by the way, was voiced by a drunken professor who might have been bending the truth somewhat to avoid revealing future knowledge to Rasmussen) was about how not to change history when you travel in time -- about keeping the threshold of change low enough that it doesn't produce a separate timeline. ST'09 was a situation where a separate timeline was definitely created. I don't see a connection, beyond having the time-travel genre in common.
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