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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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Sorry I meant "Last Star Trek Movie timeline" came out.
How does IFM make assertions about how the 2009 movie's timeline came about? We know how it came about -- we were told in the movie itself. And I don't remember anything in IFM that was tied into the '09 movie in any major way. There were moments when I thought it was setting up an explanation of Scotty's knowledge of transwarp beaming, but it didn't go that way after all.

And there's not much in DTI: Watching the Clock that pertains to the new movie's continuity either, since of course the book is set years before the 2387 supernova and the characters have no knowledge of it. There are maybe three subtle nods in the direction of concepts from the movie, but they're very indirect and implicit, since in the wake of Seek a Newer World's cancellation I was wary of including any overt references.
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