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Re: Minecraft

Actually, the Minecraft forums ( are official. At the least, they are sanctioned by Mojang and listed as an "official" link. But yeah, the median age of Minecraft players is something like 15, so no one should be surprised at the level of trolling and general asshattery over there.

I've been working on my server lately, so my single-player world has been getting neglected. Managing CraftBukkit mods can be quite the pain in the ass, I've found, but I've finally got things working the way I want. Current mods are:

* Backup (used to generate a single backup every 4 hours, which I use to auto-generate a map image)
* BackupPlugin (the one I use for my "real" backups)
* informant (mostly for the MOTD)
* LWC (someone requested lockable items, so yeah)
* MyWarp (also by request)
* SpawnMob (monsters are disabled because I was having problems with invisible ones, so this way people can spawn everything else)

I haven't yet setup any multiworld plugins. None of them are mature enough for my liking and I don't want to bork my server.

I might have room for a couple of you guys on it, too. If you want on, PM me your Minecraft username. First come, first served. I'll take 2 or 3 of you!

Current server map is here, updated every 4 hours:

I'll probably have an MCMap version done on the same schedule soon, too.
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