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^^ Wolves are pretty rare unfortunately. I've played a lot this past week and only seen three total. But then I also don't tend to wander far from my mountain.

Oh I have plenty of railings on the ship. Problem is I'm trying to remove all the dirt blocks I laid down during around it construction and I guess I missed a jump.

I do have a fair number of torches up, but to be honest I kinda like having alternate areas of light and dark in the woods. It adds to the atmosphere.

Basically I live on top of a tall hill. To get to it I have to climb a stair, shimmy up a ladder, cross a bridge, then run through a small wooded area to reach the stairs to my front door. So its easy to wait just a little too long and not reach the woods til nightfall.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else noticed a lot more sheep in the game lately?
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