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Re: Minecraft

Awww, poor doggie...

Lookin' good so far man, keep it up!

And it finally happpened, I was working on the airship and took a header off a playform. Fortunately I was armored up and only lost half my health. Not bad for such a long drop.

OTOH, I later got myself killed during a mega-spawn night. I don't know why, but ocassionally I'll just get swarms on hostile mobs outside my house. Tried to outmaneuver the half dozen skeltons and a few zombies, but there were a pair of skeletons that got my right on my doorstep. I respawned inside, made a iron swird, and tried making a dash outside to get my stuff and died again. Thinkfully the third time I had the sense to go to sleep and wait for morning and let the sun take care of them. Got everythign back thankfully.
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