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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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There's a difference between fanfic and professional.

And indeed between fanfic and fanwank, which is surely the more accurate word!
I was meaning "screams of fan fiction" rather than "it IS fan fiction" so, yeah, "fanwank" is bang on...

oh, command track, remember Geordi was Riker's first officer in Redemption Part II as well, so he's presumably taken all the exams and stuff. Doesn't matter, though.
I'd totally forgotten about that. Great point. Much like Scott being in charge of the TOS Enterprise in certain situations, I don't have a problem with Geordi being a Captain; but "captain of the moment" has to be far different than "captain everyday."

It just needed some build up which to me wasn't present. Same goes for Sulu in STVI; several years had passed in between movies. Who knew what went on? Same again for Beverly in All Good Things...

You've liked other stuff I've written (surprised you mentioned Mission Impractical though - that's no classic, and a bit... would-be "wacky" even for me), and probably people who loved this would other stuff I've done.
Seriously, I loved Mission, it captured a Colin Baker DW story perfectly for me. It's probably my favourite 6th Dr BBC book. Speaking of other books, after enjoying Face of the Enemy so much, I'm now scouring ebay as we speak for a copy of The Dark Path...
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