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Yay, some kind person fixed my texturepack for me! Of course I still can't figure out wtf was wrong.

I decided to go ahead and upload it if anyone else would like to give it a try. Only bit of wierdness is that I replaced Netherrack with riveted steel plate to use on my airship hull. The furnitures come sin shades of green, so its probably best suited for a wooded environment.

And heres an easy program to install custom textures, and upgrade your game to accept larger than 16 x 16 textures. You don't even have to unzip the file. It even lets you unpatch your game if necessary. Using it is pretty self explainatory. If theres a problem you can download it from other locations. Just search for MCPatcher.

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My house came under attack by a virtual army of ninja creepers. Every time I turned around I felt like I had one in my face. Damage to my main house was minimal, but my underground shelter was partially exposed and one of my furnaces destroyed. Also, I finally got some woofies spawning on my map!
Oh man I've had mornings like that. You miss an attack and it blows up, followed by a second one the blindsides you before you can recover. Or kills you. Then when you respawn and try to go get your stuff, you get jumped by another while you're unarmed.

Actually its not so much the Creepers that bother me, its the pumpkins keeping me up all night with their damn chanting!

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