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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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This article says that in addition to Pittsburgh, there will be filming in Chicago, Romania, and England.
I haven't heard anything about filming in Chicago. I've heard about the production filming in New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, England and possibly Romania or somewhere in Asia but not Chicago.
Some of that could just be Second Unit though right?
They are doing 2nd unit photography and plate shots in New York right now and will return for principal photography around November. They plan to film in Pittsburgh for four-six weeks, and I've heard England will be some time as usual (they have the Bat-Cave sets on the outskirts of England; they filmed a good deal of The Dark Knight in England). I've also heard they plan on doing some soundstage work in Los Angeles as well. And I'm sure if they're going to a foreign country like Romania you can bet it won't be just 2nd unit photography.
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