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Re: Epsilon Security Breach and Privacy

Collingwood Nick wrote: View Post
You've bought into the cultural delusion that signage matters.

Or are we back to talking about email addresses?

I'll assume you are.

- Gaining access to something in which you are not permitted to gain access.

Way too fuzzy to be illegal.

- Trespassing.

Obtaining a copy of your email address is neither trespass to the person nor to any real property. You can't trespass on intellectual property.

- Stealing.

It would be stealing if I hijack your email address. Merely knowing what it is - no.

- Invasion of Privacy.

Well, if that is law, then it's law. My concern is more that 'privacy' doesn't exist in any real sense. So how can someone invade it?
Privacy is protected under the 4th and 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Epsilon is a U.S. company. Data storage is a vital part of commerce, and it all comes down to trust. Epsilon is trusted to keep private data safe, particularly if it's third party processing data that involves credit cards and home addresses. The reason this is a concern, is because while Epsilon states no personal ID was stolen, how can I trust that to be so?

I also strongly disagree that you can't trespass on intellectual property. You can. It's called "plagiarism" and "infringement".

Goliath wrote: View Post
J. Allen wrote: View Post
At the very least, people on that list will now start getting a lot more spam.
That's interesting. Just yesterday, I noticed that my Hotmail "Junk" folder seemed to be filling up more quickly than usual.

It might just be coincidence, but it makes you wonder.
I wouldn't doubt it has something to do with that. Epsilon stores massive numbers of email addresses along with other processing information. I just got an email from Walgreens this afternoon. This makes number 9 for me regarding this issue with Epsilon. My spam folder has tripled it's normal storage since the other day.

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