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Re: The Death of Air Bender 2?

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Excluding television sales, their revenue totaled close to $350 million--that's a $70 million profit.
It would be, if the studio got every penny of the box office gross - it's not like exhibitors actually make all their money on the popcorn, you know. And the overseas split is considerably less favorable, and there are foreign distributors in the mix as well.
Excellent point. When you factor in the exhibitor's cut (as much as 50%) it's barely profitable, if at all. Can't believe I missed that. D'oh!

exodus wrote:
It's in your links.
$187 million is the films overseas gross.
That doesn't make sense, either. If $180 million is supposed to be the foreign gross, not only is it off by $7 million, but the bigdaddy's $150 million number doesn't make any sense, because the film grossed $130 million domestically. His numbers are still off, although the argument is a bit moot, since Dennis wisely corrected my conclusion.
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