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Re: Yesteryear vs. The Practical Joker

Not defending "The practical Joker" as a whole, as it was a weak episode I just wanted to point out something. It was the one episode where M'Ress was depicted closest to her original "model sheet" designs.

(The "Look behind you" shot)

Here she is painted with her proper colors: nose "pad" black (not the entire nose "bridge"), ears matching her face fur (rather than blending with the "mane"), and a black collar (rather than red). And her features are a tad more angular with better proportioned cheeks. Annoyingly, her most frequently used shot, a tight close-up of her face, depicted her with her entire nose black (making her look a bit like a lanky koala), bulging cheeks (like a chipmunk with its mouth crammed with nuts) and big "loopy" number "3" on its side for the muzzle (as a small child might draw one).

Does this shot make "TPJ" a better episode? Of course not. Just wanted to point out those few frames, nothing more.


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