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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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He was only a Lt JG on the command track by the time he transferred I think.
So? The point is that he's not completely devoid of command experience. Officers switch career tracks all the time.

To suddenly become responsible, full-time, for a Galaxy-class ship is too much of a stretch.
Who's more responsible for a ship than its chief engineer?

After watching televised Trek so many years, with its fairly rigid Starfleet personnel structures, a Galaxy class engineering-only ship...captained by's just fan fiction.
You've come away with a completely different perception of Starfleet than I have, then. Fairly rigid personnel structures? Let's see. Sulu went from astrophysics to helm, and then later suddenly became a captain with no prior canonical indications of command experience beyond warming the seat for Kirk. Chekov went from science to navigation to security chief to first officer. Wesley Crusher got a brevet rank and eventually an official rank before he ever went to the Academy. Worf went from bridge watch officer to security chief to strategic operations officer and Defiant commander. I guess I can leave out things like Nog becoming a Defiant bridge officer while still a cadet and Chakotay and other Maquis being given command positions on Voyager because those were in war or emergency situations, but even so, there's abundant evidence of flexibility in Starfleet's personnel structures. And that's not even considering the other precedents within Trek literature, within the same novel continuity to which IFM belongs.
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