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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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Scotty and Gomez is from SCE, of course, that was already there.
I haven't got anything against the Gomez character, but Scotty... well, I've already harped on about that.

"Wacky" and Star Trek don't mesh well at the best of times,
I dunno - Q might disagree, and I always loved How Much For Just The Planet.
Q works better either in small doses. "Qpid" was hilarious because it was a change of pace for TNG, but when Q gets overused, it gets stale quickly. For a prime example of ST trying "wacky" and failing miserably...the latter "comedy Ferengi" DS9 stories. Oh god.

That said, there are positives to the book. Rasmussen is handled very well and given some depth, the opening scene featuring the NX-07 Intrepid is excellent, and the two storylines are very interesting in their respective rights.
Sounds more like a description of an Average score than a poor...
I had other problems with it. The storylines felt awkwardly fused together- it was too obvious they were originally separate books. Leah Brahms was depicted as ineffectual and weak IMO. Geordi didn't sound like himself at all, and becoming Captain like *that* after being a Chief Engineer was daft, like Kirk in ST09. What happened to being XO, command track, etc...

One or two well-drawn characters and an interesting premise (or two) can't make up for me despising some of the central characters and the feel of the book.

(Actually if you read reviews of my DW books you'll find I'm not known for lightness or wackiness, so it surprises me that the three Trek stories I've had commissioned so far are more to that side. Though I enjoy the change!)
After so much negativity about Indistinguishable, let me say that "Face of the Enemy", "Mission: Impractical" and "Excelis Rises" are honestly amongst my favourite DW stories ever written.
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