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Re: The Death of Air Bender 2?

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150 million plus 180 million equals less than the movie made.

But why use math when people aren't bright enough to figure it out?
Where's your $180 million figure coming from? Both The Numbers and Box Office Mojo report a production budget of $150 million (and, The Numbers also points out that the DVD sales for the movie were an additional $30 million).

And, a quick search informs me that my estimate of $150 million for P&A was high--Paramount spent closer to $130 million according to this story.

Thus, the film cost the studio about $280 million. Excluding television sales, their revenue totaled close to $350 million--that's a $70 million profit. It's not huge, by blockbuster standards (consider that The Dark Knight made back its $185 million production budget as well as a good portion of P&A in DVD sales alone), but it's still a profit.
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