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*currently taking all my willpower to NOT make a snarky comment about Roberts new avatar.

Thanks guys. This thing is stressful as hell to build though. Constantly teeterign on the edge of a 500 foot drop, praying your finger doesn't slip off the Crawl key.

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There was a post by notch ages ago about floating blocks, and how he didn't like them. He said something about not getting rid of them, but maybe making you need to use some Obsidian to keep them floating. Or something like that.
That would be a fail of epic proportions. Imagine updating your game then logging in just in time to see your unsupported structures and floating islands all come crashing to the ground.

Robert - Thats how my minecart system got started in my previous world. I put down random torches in the area around my house, then next time I respawned, I put down a trail of blocks leading from the spawnpoint back to closest torch. Eventually it turned into a raised pathway and a tiny shelter by the spawnpoint then later a stone tower and track system.
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