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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I bought a life-changing cake today.

My local deli/cafe always has little home-baked treats; brownies, madeleines, cupcakes and so on and so forth. But I'd never had a financier before today. My god, they are so awesome. They're similar to a madeleine, but a richer, crumblier texture and a much deeper flavour. What a glorious little treat.

How have I not been aware of them before now? I feel I've wasted years of my life...
i don't know what a madeleine is like. Must google. And a financier? That's a little cake or cookie?
I couldn't tell you how they're made, but they're both small little sponge-esque little baked treats. When I asked what made financier so gorgeous, I was told it uses beurre noisette (browned butter) which is what's responsible for the deeper flavour profile. Whatever, it's lush.

No financiers for sale in the cafe today.

But apparently the entire batch sold out in record time last Friday, so it will return...

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I've yet to try "red velvet" cake. I have a feeling i'll love it. Just what i need!
You must try the red velvet. When made well - and it almost always is - it's to die for!
After this, I had to google it. Apparently it's very similar in taste (if not in colour) to Devil's Food Cake, which I have had. It's awesome. The brighter red colour of the Red Velvet version sounds lots of fun too.
Tis true. The recipe is basically a devil's food cake recipe with additional ingredients (and color) that make it amazingly moist. I have to admit, when I first discovered that one such additional ingredient (in some recipes) was mayonaise I sort of thought ....

Then I realized I didn't care, if that was what made the cake so incredibly moist and delictable. Hmmmm ..., I'm thinking a red velvet cupcake baking binge may be in my future.
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