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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I had to give this one an average. I liked the first part with the intrepid and seeing some characters from Geordi's past was nice.
My problems with the book are these:
This was supposed to be a Next Generation book and while we did see the Enterprise briefly in the begining and end, I missed Picard, Worf and the others characters from the E-E. Maybe this should have been a COE book instead.
I feel there was too much techo talk in the second part. At times I had no idea what was being talked about and found it hard to follow.
As far as Ogawa and Reg. I can see in plausible for Ogawa to come aboard. As was mentioned previously with slipstream it would be very easy for her to get back to Federation space. Reg on the other hand seems a little, far fetched. (sci-fi I know, everything is far fetched) but to be beamed from that distance does not seem practical. If that could be done then why need ships? Will they send him back to the Voyage flee the same way?
Geordi and Leah. I never liked her. I feel bad for the nice young Doctor on the Lexington. I actually enjoyed that development.

Again I did not hate this book but it was not one of my favorites. Hopefully in the next TNG book we actually see more people from that series on the ship from that series.
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