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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Sadly, it got a "poor" from me. Spoilers.

To be fair, the book did have one thing going against it before I even started- Scotty's presence. I honestly find the continued reverence and usage of Scotty on par with the Shatnerverse depiction of Kirk, and to me, that's just bad fan fiction. Hell, Scotty's ending here is even a direct copy of the end of The Return! He doesn't have a place in ST modern fiction to my mind; it's too silly. Let alone being the Captain of a chums with Sonya

Aside from the jarring two-books-stitched-together feel, my main problem with the novel is the sheer "fan fiction" atmosphere. Nog and Ogawa are on Challenger with Scotty and Leah Brahms, protocol is thrown out the window for an engineer that speaks appallingly ("Guv?" "Mate?" Seriously?) and The Master- sorry, Sela- pops up to reveal there's one last trick hidden in Geordi's subconscious as a result of brainwashing.

Throw in the casual "Did we just do what I think we did?" -possibly starting the Big Bang!- and it certainly feels like elements of Doctor Who are seeping in here. "Wacky" and Star Trek don't mesh well at the best of times, and here it just feels like a subpar Peter David novel. Though I'll admit, his trademark style is starting to look very dated too.

That said, there are positives to the book. Rasmussen is handled very well and given some depth, the opening scene featuring the NX-07 Intrepid is excellent, and the two storylines are very interesting in their respective rights.
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