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Re: Epsilon Security Breach and Privacy

teacake wrote: View Post
Mental stress and trauma. Breach of trust.
I could see that. I wonder if it would work?

Collingwood Nick wrote: View Post
I am not a lawyer. I am sure a good one would find a way to sue. That said, I would have thought either direct financial loss (your money is stolen), damage or loss to your property, or injury to yourself, would be the only things you can sue for. Illusionary things like 'privacy' deserve illusionary payouts.
Privacy isn't supposed to be an illusion. Someone can't tear down your door to your home and enter legally without your express permission.

Hilbilly Rage wrote: View Post
I'm not a lawyer either, but I'd imagine a class action suite since so many people are involved. Maybe you can sue for damages, breach of trust or contract. Since you are entrusting these companies with your info, you are in a contract with them. They have to be held responsible some how. Maybe there should be and FDIC type thing for this. If it happens enough, hopefully State legislatures will start coming up with something. Like I said, I'm not a lawyer, just throwing ideas out there.
Well, yes and no. There are usually fine print clauses for companies that collect your data and store it in third party servers. An FDIC type service would only work to recover your lost data, it probably wouldn't help in any other way.

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