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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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It's a lock-down shot with Garrovick coming down the full length of the corridor.
It is a great shot. As for getting the Act complete, just take your time. If it were all up to me, I'd rather have high quality late than poor quality fast.
Well, the quality is the point. As I've said before, there have been a number of versions of Act 4, but they didn't deliver the goods the way anyone really wanted. Compromises were made that initially caused some material to be cut, but as I worked my way through all the elements I realized the cut stuff could be put back in. This did mean digging through a lot of elements looking for all the pieces, and in that process realizing that we had enough effects elements to actually put together more effects shots than originally planned, which gave me some extra options.
That had to have been quite a task. How many elements did you have to go through to locate the required SFX footage?
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