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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

AU Dukat would tell Jarol that the reason her children didn't encourage her was because they knew it wasn't her time yet. In the Multiversal Round Robin at Ad Astra, there is one part he remembers, where he went to the edge of heaven--and in his own case his daughter did not allow him to see her, only to feel her presence, and he knew it was because it was not his time yet. And that is the only thing it would mean. AU Dukat would even say that it meant there was something left to do in the world, something that even the children, as much as they loved her, knew was important. Something that would help her, others, or both.

I'm not convinced yet that Jarol's tears are a bad thing. I hope it's not because of brain damage--because tears and allowing yourself to become "weak" can be one of the most healing things that a person can do.

However...I am worried that she is going to commit suicide if she goes too far. That would not be a good way to "cleanse" oneself. It doesn't serve her, or others, and I think that there could be rewarding work she could still do, if she would stop trying to be powerful, in control, and certain of everything.
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