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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

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How does everyone feel about the Foundry missions?

Maybe I'm just a bit of a snob, but I find that persistent grammatical and spelling errors really detract from the fun and immersion of the missions. I tend to knock at least one star off for that alone.
I like it so much, I wrote one called "A Relic's Return" (link); and honestly, I used a spell checker, and proofread what I wrote, so I doubt you'll find any spelling errors (as of this posting it has 3 plays/reviews, and you need 5 to get a mission out of 'Review for Inappropriate Content' status, so if anyone's interested in trying it, and doesn't see it, you might have to "Become a Reviewer" to see it if it hasn't gotten past 5 plays on the Live server.
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