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Re: World Of Warcraft?

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I have generally enjoyed the game and when I can play(pay for a month) make the most of it...I enjoy the races and the question is; Should Blizzard rebuild WOW from the ground up as a new game? Instead of just adding expansions on top of expansions. I don't know what the future of WOW is so forgive if there is news and info making this thread irrelevant.
I'm one of those playing Rift. Rift has some enhancements over WoW but the major thing for me is that it feels like I imagine vanilla WoW must have felt- everything in it is something new to explore.

I bought Cata the day it was released and leveled one toon to 85 and then I basically never played again. This is from someone who has 6 level 80s during Wrath.

This might sound weird but I think part of what killed the fun for me in WoW is having too many options? Or too many developed options. Let me clarify that. Do I go for end game raiding? Do I level up my alts? Which alt do I level up? Do I roll a goblin to check out the new starter zones? It got to the point where I was spending so much time thinking about these things that it took a lot of the fun and spontaneity out of the game for me. Whereas with Rift I just log in and play my ONE character.

Then there are the many changes from late Wrath and early Cata that I disagreed with- like the Dungeon Finder, which I liked at first but then seemed to start a snowballing trend of anti-social behavior which has only gotten worse- to the decision in Cataclysm to make raiding only for serious people again. I for one liked being able to face-roll Naxx in quest blues without putting too much time or effort into it.

Then there's the fact that I have somewhere between 100 - 200 days /played across 6 toons ... think I may have just played myself out.

I'm not at all certain if I'll be switching to the Star Wars MMO when it comes out or not. Something about the idea of 40 lightsaber-wielding jedis taking down a raid boss just seems ridiculous to me. That and the only thing I know Bioware from is Baulder's Gate which I never got the appeal of. Yes, I realize I am in a tiny minority, most people love Bioware.
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