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Re: Reese Witherspoon: Babe of the week #1 (Jan. 2011)

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I think she's quite capable of great hotness:

Well, if you photograph her in such extreme contrast that she shows no wrinkles whatsoever, against a solid background which gives no sense of her tiny stature and conceal, by virtue of a head-on angle, that she's still got her trainer rack... then yeah, I guess she can appear kinda hot, in a "she may only be in high school but if the circumstances were right and the law allowed it, I'd totally hit it" kind of way.

Hence the sideways.
There is something called 'age of consent' that will allow you to date a 16-year old.

Thumbs up for me, and I love her pretty feet...again!

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Hint for the next BOTW (don't answer if you know):

"Wait, so you're not going home for Thanksgiving?"
"No, I have to work on Friday. You?"
"I'm Canadian, remember? We celebrate Thanksgiving in October."
"Oh, right, I forgot, you guys are weird. You pronounce the word 'out' 'ouut.'"
"You guys are the world leader in handgun violence, your healthcare system is bankrupt and your country is deeply divided on almost every important issue."
"Your cops are called 'mounties.'"

What movie is this quote from?
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