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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

^Right. It's as if someone was forcing on us the idea that, "Oh, their relationship was never legit--Julian just saw Ezri as another Jadzia"--something which completely contradicted everything we knew about their relationship. So they "re-wrote" everything in Unjoined, a la Tolkien and the Ring-Gollum-Hobbit arc.

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*shrug* I'm in the minority, but I had no problem with Ezri and Julian breaking up. Their romance felt pretty rushed in the final season....
Well...Sisko/Kassidy "clicked" after just one episode--half an episode, actually--the same one where they met, as it were. (Of course, it may have been excusable because of their mutal love of America's Pastime....)

By contrast, it took an entire season for Julian and Ezri to come together.
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