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Re: What's a good stand alone novel featuring Data?

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You don't need to read Survivors.
Maybe not for continuity alone, but it's certainly just as worthwhile as Metamorphosis, if not better. Frankly I'm startled that so many people haven't read Survivors. It was one of the most popular and important of the early TNG novels, because it was the definitive Tasha Yar novel, at least until "Legacy" came along and contradicted aspects of it (though you could still kinda make it fit if you assumed that "New Paris" was a local name for Turkana IV). And as I said, it's a pretty major Data story too, even if Data's the secondary focus after Tasha.

So I'm not saying that if you skip Survivors, you couldn't understand Metamorphosis. I'm saying that if you only read Metamorphosis, you're missing out on an equally worthwhile book in Survivors.
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