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is it possible t drill into lava pool from above to send the lava to the service? like a volcanoe?
Lava is like water in that there's source blocks that you can pick up with a bucket and transplant, and there's lava-flows that act like flowing water, except lava flows much more slowly and doesn't spread as far. Unlike water, you can't create an infinite pool of lava by making a 2x2 hole and placing lava source blocks in each corner, all lava obtained must come from source blocks that are usually found very deep underground.

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I know its silly, but I ended up feeling bad about it for most of the day. Its amazing how attached you get to them.
That's why I don't like having dogs in video games, I've lost too many dogs in real life to want to lose another in a game. I wasn't going to bother with taming wolves in Minecraft for that reason, but when I found a wolf with two bones nearby I decided to experiment, expecting that she'd disappear if I walked far enough away. I didn't realise it was impossible for them to despawn. I'm thinking of telling her to sit in my castle most of the time just to keep her safe.
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