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Everyone be very careful with your wolves. I managed to train one Friday morning night. Had fun running around, even though they're not very bright and ocassionally slip off a cliff or walk into cactus. Unfortunately we were late getting home one night and ran into a trio of skeletons just outside my house. in the ensuing melee while dodging arrows, I managed to kill my poor wolf with my diamond sword.
I know its silly, but I ended up feeling bad about it for most of the day. Its amazing how attached you get to them.

I think I'm going to wait til I go back to my flat map before I try training another.

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is it possible t drill into lava pool from above to send the lava to the service? like a volcanoe?
Not really. But you can make a bucket, pick some up, carry it to the surface and pour it out on the edge of a cliff. Same effect. Just be careful. That stuff will burn any wood it touches. Trees and houses. And you.

oh just found some vids on u-tube theres one on there about setting up a mine track that looks interesting.
going to try and take some screenshots of the devestation/er work i've cause in my area

Make sure you have LOTS of iron before you start a rail line. You need six pieces to make twelve sections of track. And another five to make a minecart.
Looking forward to seeing some screenshots. You can also make your arm and the menu vanish by pressing F1.
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