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Re: Dana Delany: Babe of the week #14 (Apr. 2011)

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I seriously think we need to put an age limit on voting in this thread. All these young whippersnappers don't know what they missed out on. Dana is a gorgeous lady and had one of the most under-appreciated bodies in Hollywood.

Eh.. I'm 41 and I went sideways. She's no doubt very pretty but just doesn;t have the "wow" factor for a thumbs up.

And there are plenty of older ladies I'd give a thumbs up to.. even much older ladies liek Raquel Welch, Helen Mirren, etc...
I'm 42. It ain't about youth. It's about she ain't all that hot.

Go back and look at that clip with Julie Benz and compare. Julie ain't much younger but she's light-years hotter.
"That's another thing Hollywood gets wrong. Real women EAT."

-Tom Clancy
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