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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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To be honest, one of my least favorite main character acts was Scott Bakula. I know he is supposed to be a good actor, but I hated his portrayal of Archer.
I felt the same too (initially) and was one of factors that put me off ENT. But year ago saw the mirror two-parter and thought he was quite good. So gave the series another shot, and although still not my favorite actor or capt, quite enjoyed him off-and-on throughout the run.
Yeah, from whatever little I did see of ENT, I thought he did camped up the role. But the whole mirror Archer schizophrenic scenes were really interesting in that Mirror Darkly episode.

Though, even in that episode, his whole " grawrras im an evil XO trying to get some respect " came off more like whinny jock that wasn't getting what he wanted than legit.
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