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Re: All-Star Superman Specs Announced

As it happens, I just saw this via On Demand myself -- a service I didn't even realize I had until last week. Although I had to do some searching on the cable company’s help page to figure out the right code to enter to buy the movie; they don’t make it easy to find or give any clear instructions. Unfortunately the movie was “formatted to fit your screen” rather than letterboxed, so I didn’t quite get the full experience. But at least I’ve seen the movie now, and it was worth it. Definitely one of the best DC Universe DVD movies they’ve done, though of course they had to leave out a lot of great stuff from the comics miniseries, and the actors playing Superman and Lois were a little bland.

I felt they did a good job of creating a look that reflected Quitely's style while being cleaner for animation; in some ways I actually prefer it to Quitely's art. I was disappointed that they didn't use Leo Quintum's coat of many colors but just put him in a solid violet jacket.
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