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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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So now is the new Angel series starting off with Angel and Faith (I assume this is a mini-series) and then will delve into a full fledged Angel ongoing? I must admit I wasn't expecting Faith and Angel to headline a book, but kind of thought that the two of them would be working together a lot. Anyone think that this could lead to a romance ala Spike and Buffy style?
It's not a mini series, it's a full 'season' with 25 issues. This way DH are avoiding the problem of explicitly confirming or rejecting IDW comics as canonical. If they called it season 6 they would be rejecting the IDW comics and if they called it season 7 they would be explicitly confirming all IDW Angel comics as canon, which they aren't ready to do. So, the IDW stuff remains in the 'murky canon' department.

As for the romance,
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