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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Nice news, I'd been hoping that Faith would be part of the new Angel series.
Have to say that Jeanty cover for Angel & Faith isn't brillaint though, the drawing of Faith is pretty bad.

I presume it will start off with just them, and then, I hope anyway, they might slowly reintroduce Connor, Gunn and Illyria etc. As if they don't feature I'd be a bit pissed
In the Allie Q&A I linked to, he answered the question about Connor and Illyria - Connor will certainly be in A&F, but it's still not sure if Illyria will be. She will, however, definitely be in something written by Joss, which means either season 9 or a mini-series (since Joss will not be writing for Angel & Faith):

27. Hellbound Hyperion: Along the lines of Angel characters, I think it was also mentioned that Joss had some plans for Connor... like Illyria, his character made great strides in the IDW series. So what sort of role will Connor have in S9, and is Joss equally as itchy to get his hands back on Connor as he is with Illyria?

Scott: I can't say equally as itchy, no, because Connor's story will mostly be told by Chris and Rebekah in Angel & Faith. He's willing to leave it to them, whereas he very distinctly said at one point that Illyria would be his—maybe not exclusively, but he wants to get in there.
He was very ambiguous about Gunn though:
31. Sjaddix: Will we see Gunn in Angel & Faith during Season 9? Is Angel still using the Investigation model?

Scott: Things are very different for Angel from the five seasons of his show. He's not returning to Angel Investigations, if that's what you mean. Not ready to comment on Gunn right now ...
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